Established 2015, Marlborough

Marlborough accommodation luxury boutique garden cottage

Fully restored NZ 1850’s, colonial cottage - The Story

Spotted in the local real estate paper, the cutest little cottage for sale.  Sadly it was in an industrial area and a good chance it would be demolished.  The property sold at auction, not to us but to a developer, so we approached him and ended up purchasing the cottage for removal, for a mere $1500.

Original Site

This is where the project began.  Even though the cottage was cute, it had been neglected and it was a little nerve wrecking to see if it would arrive in one piece when being moved on Coffeys huge truck.  It looked exposed and fragile but made it to its new home, here in the gardens at Upton Oaks.

For some time we had it screened behind a hedge and fence while the restoration work commenced.  Everything had to be re-aligned and straightened after the move.  We replaced all the weatherboards ensuring we kept with the same style as what was original and fully insulated at the same time. Work seemed painstakingly slow, as we wanted to restore the cottage ourselves when time allowed, there is nothing like having a creative project.

As the cottage is situated looking into our gazebo garden, we decided to have an unashamedly botanical influence running through the interiors. From beautiful wallpapers, stunning fabrics and furniture made by ourselves, it will be a little retreat for rest and relaxation, fully self contained for guests.

Crane Cottage
Near Complition
Cottage Night

The Name

While pondering on all sorts of options it occurred to us that by putting together our two daughters names, Laura and Ella it made for a name which easily rolls off your tounge, 'Laurella Cottage' and so it became.